Поглед през обектива на Иранския фотограф Abbas

Роден фотограф, Abbas e посветил живота си на фотографията, документирайки политическия и социален живот на обществата в конфликт. В работата си от 1970 насам, той е документирал войни и революции в средния изток, южна америка, африка и азия. Ето някои от творбите му…



IRAN. Tehran. An actress is being made up for a play to be performed at the City Theatre.

IRAN. Tehran. On week ends young people enjoy nature on the slopes of Mount Elborz, free from both the pollution of the city traffic fumes and the strict moral codes of the Islamic Republic. Like many Iranian men and women, the young lady on the right has had plastic surgery performed on her nose..

INDONESIA. Jakarta. Students of the Al Azhar college attend Friday prayer in the auditorium, transformed into a mosque for the occasion. 1989.

IRAQ. Baghdad. A bronze head of President Saddam HUSSEIN is paraded in the streets after US troops occupied the capital.

KUWAIT. Next to a tank destroyed by US aerial bombing, a dead Iraqi soldier is mumified by drops of oil escaping from wells, set on fire by the soldier's unit before it retreated.

PALESTINE. Gaza city. The main road cut by Israeli troops, people and goods have to travel by the beach from Gaza city to Khan Yunis.

AFGHANISTAN. Near Kabul. A Mujahid of the Hezbi-Islami (Islamic party led by Gulbuddin HEKMATYAR) guards the road to the capital. 1992.

AFGHANISTAN. Kabul. An American GI on a dawn patrol over the hill housing the Nader Shah tomb overlooking the capital.

AFGHANISTAN. Tarakhil. Classes are held in the open for lack of space in a village school donated by Japan. The ground had to be demined first.

MALI. Village of Senedongo. 1996. A Dogon Christian boy prepares a fowl for cooking. Animal sacrifices are part of Dogon animist rituals.

ZAIRE. Kinshasa. Boxer Muhammad ALI avoids a punch by George FOREMAN during the World Heavyweight Championship. ALI won by K.O. October 30th, 1974.

IRAN. Tehran. 1997. Iranian film director Abbas KIAROSTAMI on the hills surrounding the capital, where his film "Taste of Cherry", which was co-awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes 1997, was shot.


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